Leather Empire started 2011 by Md. Sujon Mia. Leather industry is a very old manufacturing sector producing a broad range of goods such as leather footwear, leather bags, leather garments, and so on. The raw material used in leather industry is derived from the waste product of food industry, specifically from meat processing.
Crust Leather:
Crust leather is the term applied to leather, which is dried after tanning but has not yet been dyed. In the case of chrome-tanned leather, this is known as “chrome crust” and, for vegetable-tanned leather, as “vegetable crust”.
Finished Leather:
The purpose of leather finishing is to embellish the leather, to give it a specific colour and shine. It helps to protect the leather. The finishing of leather affects the look, the feel and the strength of the leather. We distinguish 3 leather finishes: aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented.
Split Leather:
If a skin is divided into several layers over the entire surface, this process is called “splitting”. Thicker leather, mostly cow leather, which is 5 to 10 millimetres thick, is split. The obtained layers are designated as grain split or top-grain split and flesh split.
Leather Goods:
Currently, the entire leather industry is divided into different sub-sectors, one of which is ‘Tanning & Finishing’. In this sector, several tanneries are producing crust leather, finished leather, and blue wet leather. According to LFMEAB, there are currently 200 tanneries and 3500 MSMEs in Bangladesh.